In World of crypto we have decided to implement the "reverse oracle" system so in this way we wil help sustain the economic and social aspect of the game. Thanks to the oracle entry barriers will be significant decreased!! The Oracle mission will be balance what the players win/pay, the $WOC token will have 1:1 value with the $USD with this method a stable roi generation is always
guaranteed. By doing this if the dollar value per $WOC increases the mint characters/items boxes will cost less $WOC and if it decreases the opposite will happen.
Example: if the player earns $500 on day 1, it will still be $500 on day 14. The purpose of the price oracle is to balance the $USD payment obtained through the WOC claim, along with minting costs to the current dollar value of WOC.
This means that the following will happen if the dollar value per WOC increases:
  • Mint characters costs less WOC
  • Mint items boxes costs less WOC
If WOC price in dollar decreases the opposite of the above becomes true.
Last modified 10mo ago