PvE system

Pve modes
Campaing Campaing mode are World of Crypto's take on classic MMO dungeons. These instanced multi-level missions have you and your team of up to five players delving deep into Corrupted locations around Zendynamar. There are six unique Campaings in World of Crypto's at launch, and each one features unique enemies, bosses, and challenges, as well as unique loot to find. While still procedurally generated, Campaings are the most story-oriented type of activity in World of Crypto, as they involve exploring the past of Zendynamar and unraveling what went wrong in the island’s blighted past. Open world quest based progress These quests can be part of the main overarching story or as side stories. Side quests might mean less progression for players, but you could be handsomely rewarded for completing them. More modes will be added with the development of the game.
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