Anti-manipulation measures

Our development team is aware of the problems that various NFT games have had in controlling token manipulation.
Therefore, we have decided to implement numerous measures to minimize the risk that they will harm the development of our trip.
These include:
  1. 1.
    Claim every 15 days (0%).
  2. 2.
    Maximum withdrawal of 20,000 BUSD.
We remember that the game is subject to updates, so these measures will change to the benefit of the economy.
This is done with the goal that whales cannot dump the price and protect our players from possible mass sales from different wallets.
3. Anti-bots measures will be imposed to prevent the mass purchase and sale of the same.
4. A fee percentage will be set on our token: 1% on the purchase of our TOKEN / 3% on the sale of our TOKEN.
Why? These fees will go directly to the rewards pool, which will allow us to maintain our POOL in a stable way.
Last modified 1yr ago